A Kit for Online Success

Real power for your small company, real growth, and real success. Our Kits include Interactive marketing, a real web site designed and built with professional and serious business aspects in mind. All of our web sites are responsive, of course, because a responsive site isn’t a feature, it’s a necessity.

Each kit undertakes building your small company a perfect central hub for your on line presence. Kits include analytics and reporting, hosting, email, SSL, security, training, and private and secure a cloud if you have a server to build it on. That little nugget is for accessing your company data anywhere, securely, and working on the road and staying updated. You can sync your phone, too, and restore contacts and calendars. I know what you’re thinking, and, yeah, it’s that cool.

The 5 Beans Kit developed specifically to incorporate the biggest needs of a small business’ online economy. We include the most important aspects every small business needs immediately and from there the kit scales to suit any purpose you may have on line. Our Kits aren’t built on features, that’s too limiting, instead, they are built on value. No fancy buzzwords, no wasted efforts, no fly-by-night methodology; the Kit works and soon enough every small business will employ it as a matter of course. Carpe diem.

5 Beans Kit custom web site

Analytics, Marketing, and your Web Site are the big 3 aspects to the Kit, but your business will get so much more. Incorporating the rest of the aspects of the Kit with the big 3, your small business can turn a profit on the web

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